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Where do our onions come from? Saved seed

Saving seeds lets us select for superior onions suited to central Illinois.  Compost rich soil, clean water, and long sunny days are the first steps of seed production.  Superior bulbs are selected to be the parents of next year’s seed.

In year 2 Honey bees on an onion umbel by Kathy Keatley GarveyAFTER the bulbs go through a cold spell, honeybees pollinate the onion flowers.  Nature’s seeds soon follow to be carefully stored until sowing the following February.  April finds us happily transplanting our new crop into the field in preparation for another harvest.

naturally collected water

Without water, what are we? Dust (Genesis 3:19).  Without water, what are veggies?  Tough.  Tasteless.  Yuck!

How do ensure our farm soil stores lots of water to grow tender tasty vegetables?  Rocks.  Compost.  Alive!

As shown by this southern Illinois boulder, water can be stored on the top side of a rock.  In the soil, there are LOTS of “rocks,” some tiny and some even smaller.  Each has the capacity to store a tiny amount of water.  Our farm soil has lots of natural glacier-based tiny rocks that store LOTS of water.

Our soil also stores LOTS of water because we add compost to improve our soil.  Compost humus in the soil has positive and negative charges.  Because water has negative and positive charges, compost attracts and holds LOTS & LOTS & LOTS of water.